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Commercial real estate in Germany has been gaining popularity as a lucrative investment instrument. This is accounted for by a number of reasons. At the time of crises, national currencies fluctuate often losing their value. The value of commercial real estate in Germany continues to grow. Now is a good time to start a new business by investing in commercial real estate in Germany.

Use this opportunity to generate a substantial and steady income by investing in commercial real estate in Germany!

A profitable, well-operated business often opens doors to permanent residency in Germany.

Investments in commercial real estate in Germany are characterised by a high rate of return and a high level of liquidity. It is an effective long-term planning instrument for your future.

The following types of commercial real estate are available for investment in Germany:

·       Shopping malls

·       Supermarkets

·       Shopping centers

·       Grocery stores

·       Chain stores / Low-cost stores

·       Hotels

·       Offices

·       Rental apartment buildings

We offer a full scope of services required prior to, during and following real estate acquisition. Our representative speaks german, english and russian.

Acquiring and conducting commercial real estate business in Germany is, for the most part, a straightforward process that is sufficiently protected by German laws.

Are you interested in making an investment in commercial real estate in Germany? We are in the position to offer you a number of options and simplify your transition to doing real estate business in Germany.

We stay in touch with our clients even after closing the deal. We handle all issues with tenants and, if necessary, look for and find new tenants, assist with bookkeeping, and help our clients optimize their property taxes. Our tax advisers are able to consult on all applicable taxation issues, should it be necessary. It is important to note that we are able to provide all requisite support in Russian. This is why even nonprofessional investors have the opportunity to profit from investing in commercial real estate in Germany.